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Live Steam Engine Tractor - Showman`s Engine

Wilesco Metal D-409 Farm Toy Tractor Live Steam Showman`s Engine Tractor W/Box

This is not a toy as much as it is a working model. Using live steam, this traction engine will actually move. The turning flywheel powers the dynamo so that it produces electricity which in turn light the lights around the canopy. Brass boiler with site glass produces live steam to power this model…

Showman`s engine can be run in forward or reverse. Engine is an exact replica of the real thing with spring loaded safety valve, steam regulator, steam whistle, steam jet oiler and footbridge, as well as traditional chain steering. A clutch engaged gear wheel permits the use of the engine and the operation of the dynamo either stationary or driving. The dynamo illuminates the eight diodes mounted around the canopy of the engine.

The condensed water of this engine is collected below the smoke stack. Operating time is about 15 minutes per fuel charge. All single parts are manufactured from finely painted metal.

This is an incredible working model that also includes the original box. This is not for young kids who do not have adult supervision.
$690 w/free shipping
Brass Boiler
Stamped Steel Body, Frame, and Wheels
Dimensions (WxDxH):
12" x 6" x 8"
Weighs 4 lbs
Excellent - like new.
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