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Hand Drill Sculpture #2

This is the second of two Hand Drill sculptures we have here at the shop.

This one is a bit more modern than the other and is somewhat more colorful. This one is also a two speed model but is ingenious in that it takes a much simpler approach in how you change speeds.

While most likely much less expensive to produce and thereby available to a larger audience, the trade off is that changing speeds involves removing the crank handle and repositioning it so that it engages the spindle gear from a different radius point on the crank.

What I love the most about this drill (other than the color) is that someone really had their head on straight when they figured out a way to create a two speed drill without infringing on patents AND did so to produce a less expensive product. I love ingenuity like this - especially when you can see it in action.

This drill also has a shoulder/knee rest where the user of this tool could really bare down on it to do some serious drilling.
Turned Steel Barrel
Cast Metal Gears and Crank
Wood Handle
Metal Base
Dimensions (WxDxH):
stand: 8" square
drill: 5"w x 10"d x 16"
Excellent with a proper age earned patina
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