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Scandinavian Wall Storage Unit

A three bay Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian Wall storage unit. This unit is self standing and does not need to be secured to the wall. This makes this unit especially desirable as it does not require any tools to set up or move to another location.

All components of this system slip into notches within the uprights so you can adjust them to your hearts content. There are three shelf pieces, two cabinets with tempered glass sliding doors, a storage module with three drawers, and two cabinets with drop down doors that double as a desk tops or work spaces. One of these modules has pockets and cubby holes for a desk, and the other has a slide-out shelf that could be used as a bar cabinet, stereo storage or computer shelf.

This unit is in great shape with no dings, scratches, or nicks. There are pins in each of the cabinets that are used to hold the box units in place when installed within the uprights. Three of these pins are loose but once inserted into the uprights, they become secure and hold tight. The lock in the left hand cabinet does not work.

This piece is perfect for those places you want to create a small work space that includes shelving - but not so big that it dominates the entire room.

This is a beautiful storage unit worthy of any home with discriminating taste.
Teak Shelves, Uprights, and Cabinetry
Antique Brass Shelf Brackets
Dimensions (WxDxH):
97 inches (each bay is 33 inches)
14 inches
79 inches
Excellent - three loose pins as noted in description.
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