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Arvin Heater / Circulating Fan

This is an Arvin heater-fan, model number 5000.

Not sure what it is about this device that intrigues me, but it does. While it attempts to be strictly functional, there is a subtle look about it that says "I have style".

I especially like the ring shaped base.

True to its look, it also functions pretty good as well. It has a two speed motor. High for the fan function and low for the heater function.

During heat, its quiet as a mouse. When in the fan mode though, it does let you know its working with a bit of chatter. Cord, plug, and switch are in great shape and work perfectly.

The exterior looks a bit scuffed up but of course I like that look - tells me it has earned its keep.

Hope you find it interesting too.
Painted Steel
Dimensions (WxDxH):
12 inches
11 inches
16 inches
Shows honest use - with original paint.
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