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Vintage Drink Mixer

Oldest Known Working Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer

This mixer just oozes Machine Age design, doesn`t it?...

I`m originally from Wisconsin and on a recent cross country buying trip, I found this while shopping in Wisconsin. Who would have thought? Anyway, first glance at this and I had to have it.

Some interesting facts about this unit is that it`s thought to be the oldest working appliance known to Hamilton Beach. They (HB) conducted a research project to see what the oldest working appliance was and this puppy took the prize.

The article describing how this was done was printed in the Nov 18, 1991 edition of AntiqueWeek. The article will accompany this mixer to its new home.

Be sure to look these pictures over closely and you will see the incredible attention to detail - something sorely missing in the majority of todays products.
Marble Base
Steel Shell
Stainless Steel Mixer Blade & Cup
Dimensions (WxDxH):
Base: 6 inches, Mixer: 4 inches
Base: 8 inches, Mixer: 8 inches
Stand: 13.5 inches
Excellent with a proper age earned patina
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