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Flash Light Trio

Great set of three iconic looking vintage flashlights...

Two lights have bodies made from brass while the third (Brightstar) is made from what appears to be a very hard plastic.

The Brightstar light has a oversized glass lens with a great embossment on the end. The reflector of this piece is very clean as well.

Second light is made by Ray-O-Vac. Great bullet shape with a good portion of the plating worn away to expose the brass shell beneath. Glass lens is intact and the reflector is in very good shape.

Third light making up this set was made by Homart. It too has a brass casing with a plastic lens. The lens is a bit darkened and has a couple of scratches in it as well as being slightly disformed. However, this sort of blemish adds to its character and is exactly what I look for.

I used the Homart light some time back so I know it still works. The other two havent been tested but I would venture to guess they too would work given new batteries and bulbs.

Whenever I hold these in my hands, I wonder what the other people were like that once held them. Its fun to think about them and imagine.
$125 / set
Brass Shells/Bodies,
2 Glass Lenses, 1 Plastic Lens
Dimensions (WxDxH):
~2, 2.25, & 3.5 inch diameters

10, 9.5, & 9.5 inches
Handsome, with a proper age earned patina
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