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Jolly Chimp Monkey W/ Cymbals & Original Box

Rare 1960`s Jolly Chimp made by Daishin C-K in good working condition with the original box! This chimp is in nice condition but does have a few places where the cloth material has separated from the toy - particularly around the battery compartment. This can be fixed easily but I wanted to bring it to your attention. The faux fur is also worn in one area on the head and right shoulder.

The Chimp bangs the cymbals while the head goes back and forth, press the button on the head and look out!! He screeches while showing his teeth and his eyes pop out!! All functions working well. Battery compartment is clean and free of corrosion. The box is in descent condition for its age but has wear and does show a bit of foxing. Pants are discolored in one place but overall, this piece is in good condition for a mechanical toy.

I think it would be a good idea to give this toy a bit of oil to make it run a bit more smoothly, but I will leave that up to the new owner. Takes standard "D" cell batteries. This toy is being sold as a working model. It`s a great example of the Jolly Chimp and I know someone will enjoy it!
Plastic Head, Hands, & Feet
Faux Fur
Cloth Suit
Metal Body & Internal Parts
Cardboard Box
Dimensions (WxDxH):
8 inches
8 inches
12 inches
Nice "Played With" Condition
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