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Small Antique Gas Can

Great example of a small antique gas can...

This is a single gallon and you must admit that there was a great design effort put into creating this can.

Not your ordinary blown plastic here but a real great design. Too bad weve forgotten how to do this in todays fast, cheap, utilitarian formats.

My Grandpa had a couple of these. Whenever we would come to visit, he would send me down to the neighbors with one of these to get a gallon of gas for the mower. He would hand me the can and 50¢ and send me on my way.

He had a riding lawn mower and my reward for making the trek was to be able to use the rider to mow his lawn.

May not seem like a big deal now but back then it was my job to mow all the lawns around the area and Grandpa was the only one with a rider so it was a special treat indeed.

Now I absolutely HATE to mow lawn but whenever I look at this can Im reminded of a simpler time when small things were a big deal.

This can is in great shape. No major dings or dents and it has just the right amount of patina. Whats even better is that BOTH caps are still present.

Makes some memories of your own and bring this can home.
Stamped Steel Shell
Wire Bail
Wood Handle
Dimensions (WxDxH):
6.5 inches Diameter

10.5 inches
Excellent with a proper age earned patina
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