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Tru-Scale Front Loader

Carter Farm Toy Attachment 1/16 scale

Attachments are nothing new to the farming community. Here too, reflecting real life is a Front Loader Attachment for a tractor...

Before the days of skid steers, farmers would bolt on a front loader onto their tractors to extend their use. This toy accurately represents its full size model.

This attachment slips onto a Tru-Scale tractor to create a real world example of a tractor with a front loader attachment.

Levers operate the motions of the piece to raise and lower the boom as well as tip the bucket.

This piece operates flawlessly and is in great working order. Even the decals are still intact.

This accessory didnt sell very well so there are not that many available. Luckily, I have one from my collection up for offer.
Blanked Steel construction
Dimensions (WxDxH):
3 inches
12 inches
4 inches
Handsome with a proper age earned patina
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