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Tru-Scale Manure Spreader

Carter Farm Toy 1/16 scale

This another favorite piece here in the shop. There are three things that I really like about this toy manure spreader.

The mechanics still work. There are levers that when operated, engage and disengage the spreader blades. This blows me away.
The two tone paint job. Most Tru Scale toys are divoid this sort of paint job (other than the wheels).
The attention to detail. When you look at how this toy is crafted, you are amazed at how many short cuts were NOT taken.

This toy has a nice played with patina that works well for serious collectors.
Blanked Steel construction
Rubber Tires
Dimensions (WxDxH):
4 inches
11 inches
3.5 inches
Handsome with a proper age earned patina
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