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Tru-Scale 2 Bottom Field Plow

I grew up on a farm and one of my least favorite things to do (other than work with the animals) was to plow.

I actually used a real plow just like this. Because it was only two bottoms, it took forever to plow a field. Only later did we get a plow with hydraulic lifts that made the job a lot easier.

As you might expect, I dont have much love for what this toy represents, but I do love how well crafted this toy is. And even though it brings back memories that send shivers up my spine, I have to admire what this toy represents and how, in the real world, it radically changed farmers lives.

This was state of the art as farmers moved from horse drawn plows and began using modern machinery.

This toy is in excellent shape - probably because no farm kid in their right mind would ever want to play with it . Maybe you will give it a good home.
Blanked Steel construction
Rubber Tires
Dimensions (WxDxH):
3.5 inches
4 inches
Handsome with a proper age earned patina
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