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Natural Leather Catchers Mask

Another show stopper is this Catchers Mask.

I like this one even more than the black leather version. This mask has natural leather pads. The wire on this mask is starting to rust which really makes in special in my eyes.

Theres a homemade repair where the person used a shoestring to fasten two loops together. Bet that was an impromptu fix made on the field during a lively game.

I think there is even a portion of a jock strap tied to the back that slipped over the users head to keep the mask on.

Im telling you, the more you look at this thing, the more you wish it could talk. This will make an incredible addition to any mask lovers environment.
Hard Wire Guard
Beige Leather Pads
Dimensions (WxDxH):
9 inches
4.5 inches
10 inches
Excellent with a proper age earned patina..
Some rust and a homemade repair accent this piece
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