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Carter Tru-Scale Toy Flare Box Wagon

Farm Implement 1/16 scale...

This was one of those farm toys that got lots and lots of use. Because so, not many survived in decent shape. You can still find these but theyre usually bent and distorted.

This toy shows some wear and tear but still works the way its suppose to. Nothing bent or broken and the back lift gate still works like it should.

There is one blemish area on one front corner where it looks as if something bashed into it.

hehe, it actually likes like the real world thing as these flare type wagons were famous for being bashed up quite a bit. The fact that they overhung the base caused many farmers to cut corners short and catch the top of the box in the process. I know cause it happened to both my Dad and myself and every other farmer I know. The only time these wagons looked good was the day they were delivered new.

Make this wagon part of your farm toy collection and tell this story to your friends - youll sound like you know your stuff.
Blanked Steel construction
Rubber Tires
Dimensions (WxDxH):
~11 inches (from back of box to end of tongue)
4.25 inches
4 inches
Handsome with a proper age earned patina
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