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Cast Iron Points on Stands

Here is a nice pair of cast iron points that have been welded to some steel plates.

I dont know what these points were used for initially but they make nice art objects.

I especially like the ball shape at the lower end of each point. Being able to look through the holes make them even more interesting.

These points have been sand blasted to reveal bare cast iron. Once these have had a chance to oxidize, you can bet they will develop a fine rusted patina.

Use these in the house or outdoors.
$375 / pair
Cast Iron Points
Steel Bases
Dimensions (WxDxH):
Base: 9 inches, Point: 5.5 inches
Base: 5 inches, Point: 2.5 inches
Base: ~.125 inches, Point: 19 inches
Excellent with age appropriate patina
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