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A Little Backstory...

I've been a pack-rat and collector all my life. My parents are collectors. My brother likes to hold on to things. Even my partner has been an avid collector for most of his adult life as well...

So it comes as no surprise to anyone that knows me that I like to collect and I surround myself with like minded folk.

My hope is that you'll enjoy yourself here and come back often.

Not too long ago I decided that it was time to switch up my collecting and start a new adventure.Image of Matt Mattelig My house was full of all the collections I've amassed throughout the years and it had even begun to spin out into the garage and to my folks garage as well.

When I moved from America's Dairyland (Wisconsin) to the deserts of Southern California, it was painfully clear that I had too much stuff.

A thought went through my mind that maybe other people would enjoy the fruits of my labor and so OXidation was born... To share what I collect with others that appreciate the design sensibility of Machine age and Industrial revolution artifacts.

I once heard that; "A true collector doesn't need to own every piece, just play with them." So I have put this site together to showcase what I've found. The sale of each piece allows me to collect some more and then in turn share that too.

Thanks for your visit - I appreciate it.

-Matt Mattelig

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